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Jill Boyce, Author, LLC

Award-winning and Amazon best-selling author of inspirational contemporary romances with a medical theme.

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Jill writes inspirational romantic fiction with a medical theme. Her most recent books, the Royal Medicine Series, Royally Confused and Royally Engaged, are Selah Award Finalists. Her debut novels are part of the A Dose of Love series. Each story can stand alone, but both feature strong female leads facing challenging life circumstances while finding love along the way. Jill’s best-selling debut novel, Harte-Broken, was inspired by her love of romance and her own walk through the grief of losing her mother on the same day of her daughter’s birth. It raises the question, “What happens when the best day is also the worst one?"

Jill is a physician turned stay-at-home mom, who loves coffee, travel, and anything glittered. She treasures spending time with her husband and children, who are her heart and greatest joy. 

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Dr. Claire Thomson has one thing on her mind—motherhood. Well, that, and taking care of patients, planning an international gala, and managing all things royal as the newly minted queen of Amorley. She should be joyful. After all, she’s conquered grief, an evil stepmother, and self-doubt along her journey to the love of her life, Ethan. Although, not a royal event goes by without something going awry. Soon, they will welcome the blessing of a new baby into their lives. Everything in Claire’s life is perfect. That is, until danger from surprising sources threatens all that she holds dear. Will Claire be able to save those she loves and her country’s future, or will evil rob her of everything?

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Selah Award Finalist!

Dr. Claire Thomson has it all—love, a career, and even her own castle. Even though she has a coronation and wedding approaching, Claire is determined to juggle her chaotic life. She’s addicted to schedules, planners, and doing everything herself. Who needs help?

Maurelle, her evil stepmother, had been banished to the ends of the earth—or at least the summer castle. Will she return, this time more resolved than ever to obstruct Claire’s path to the throne?

Claire has resolved to handle everything on her own. Will she burn brightly as the star of Amorley and make it to Coronation Day with her sanity and engagement intact or will she burn out? Can she learn to accept God’s help and the help of others to fulfill her destiny?

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Selah Award Finalist 2022 and Winner of the Firebird Book Award 2021

Jill Boyce's work won several awards including the Firebird Book Award for 2021 for first and second place Romantic Comedy with Royally Confused and Perfectly Imperfect. Harte Broken and A Prescription for Beauty also took home awards in the Chick Lit category. Royally Confused and Royally Engaged are both finalists for the Selah Awards in the Contemporary Romance category for 2022. 

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Royally Confused--Selah Award Finalist 2022 and Winner of the Firebird Book Award 2021 for Romantic Comedy!

May 25, 2021

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to become a princess? Not Claire Thomson’s. An orthopedic surgeon, Claire enjoys the rigors of surgery and medical research. Her dream of landing a spot at Halford University in Boston seems so close she can taste it. As the top academic center in the nation, it lies just a few miles from her sole living relative and best friend—Margaret Thomson, her granny.

Claire Thomson grew up without a father, and this missing piece of her life’s puzzle leaves her feeling unworthy. But Claire has landed a one-year fellowship at Oxmund University in Amorley, and she intends to find that puzzle piece—back at the same university where her recently deceased mother, Mona, met her father years ago.

Claire reads a letter written to her by her mother, finally sharing the truth about her father’s identity—the prince of Amorley. Sadly, he too has recently passed away.

Now parentless, Claire takes her rascal golden retriever, Milo, and funny, Bingo-loving Granny to the castle to meet the queen mother, her paternal grandmother, as well as her stepmother, Queen Maurelle. Along the way, Claire almost collides with a man on horseback, Ethan Kane, who is handsome and kind, and as she later discovers, promised to marry Abigail Fulton, daughter of a wealthy parliament member.

What dragons will Claire have to slay along the way to find her father’s legacy? Will Claire have to sacrifice her stethoscope for love, for a crown?

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A Prescription for Beauty--Winner of the Firebird Book Award for Chick Lit 2021!

January 10, 2021

When past scars cannot remain hidden any longer, Marley must learn that beauty lies within.

Dr. Marley Bakersfield likes her life the way it is. She enjoys black coffee, long runs, and avoiding all things baked or sugary. Plus, she has a wonderful best friend and a great job. Working for the premier plastic surgery group in Washington D.C., Marley is close to becoming a partner—a longtime dream. She finds joy in building her patient’s self-esteem and understands how insecurity feels. She suffered an accident as a child that left more than physical scars. Marley’s never seen herself as beautiful, a fact not helped by the other kids in school. The pain of her past chased Marley away from her hometown of Blackstone Haven, but a family emergency forces her to return home for several weeks. Unfortunately, that means seeing the people she ran away from years ago, especially her childhood bully, Stacey Blackstone.

Benjamin Miller, a professionally trained patisserie chef, planned to work in a top New York restaurant once finishing culinary school. Instead, he came home to help his sick mother with the family bakery. After her passing, Benjamin inherited the business along with the mountain of debt it had accrued. Now, he must find a way to salvage the bakery or decide to sell it and leave Blackstone Haven. This choice becomes more complicated when the girl who’d captured his heart as a child—Marley Bakersfield--returns to town.

Will Marley and Benjamin let a New Year’s Eve baking competition, the town’s Valentine’s Day dance, and Blackstone Haven bring them together? Does Benjamin have any hope of saving his mother’s bakery? Will they open their hearts to the possibility of love? Can Marley release her pain and self-doubt about the past and realize God can heal her heart and give her a wonderful gift—His love. Maybe then she will understand if she abides in it, she’ll always feel beautiful.

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Coming Soon! Virtual Launch Party of Perfectly Imperfect Friday, December 4, 2020


December 4, 2020

Dr. Blaire Cunningham loves high heels and coffee and hates germs and disorder. After a great personal loss, she decides to pursue a career in medicine. However, Blaire now faces losing her job, apartment, and a relationship due to her germaphobia.
Blaire decides to flee New York City to volunteer at a rural clinic in Guatemala. She hopes to regain her infectious disease fellowship position by demonstrating to her former boss that she can handle her job’s unpredictable aspects. While in Guatemala, she meets Felipe Martinez, a handsome but aloof medic who runs the clinic. Felipe has a painful past and has spent the rest of his life trying to make up for it.
Will these two imperfect people release their fears and trust God to heal their hearts and open themselves to love and restoration?

Harte Broken


October 16, 2020

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Love does.
Amy Harte, an Emergency Medicine physician, lost her mother to cancer suddenly on the day of her residency graduation one year ago. As a doctor, she struggles with not being able to save her mother and experiencing her best day on her worst. Since then, she has turned from her relationship with God in her guilt and grief. Near the fateful day’s anniversary, her father calls to tell Amy the bank may take her childhood home. Amy knows she must save the house that holds the last precious memories of her mother.
Meanwhile, Amy meets a gorgeous Christian man, Seth, who slowly restores her belief in love and God’s goodness. Their happily ever after may have to wait because Dr. Mark Blakely, Amy’s dashing hospital colleague, has never met a woman he couldn’t woo. Still, Amy suspects Mark values the chase more than her heart. Time is running out for Amy to save her family home and release her anger and guilt. Will she discover that love, especially God’s love, heals all wounds?

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"Time doesn't heal wounds. Love does."

Jill Boyce

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